• Inhabitants: 65,1 million
  • Annual income per capita: 46 900 USD
  • 160 000 babies are born every year in families living below the poverty threshold

In France, 160 000 babies are born every year in families living below the poverty threshold; that is one child out of five.

These families face two issues: expert advice are sometimes difficult to implement and adapted food for children is expensive. Social and economic vulnerability are obstacles to adopting healthy eating practices. For a child, nutrition during the first 1000 days is essential to his future health.

The mission of the Malin Program is to improve eating habits during these 1,000 days of families under the poverty line living in France. The way to operate is through an association of general interest, which has been co-created with private and public partners (Red Cross, 2 pediatric French associations, Action Tank Entreprise, Danone Communities, Blédina, SEB and its brands SEB/Tefal/Moulinex, Lesieur and La Banque Postale Assurance Santé)

Malin Program is built on three pillars:

  1. Education on nutrition (breastfeeding, adapted diet..)
  2. Budget offers to access adapted food : 20% to 80% off vouchers on infant nutrition and vegetal oils, online VIP sales for kitchen devices to do home made food….
  3. Impact measurement (Clinical study)

With 2 principles : Co-creation and non stigmatizing offer

50 000

families impacted (end of December 2021)


departments covered



mother, France

It is late in the evening when Adèle comes home. Adèle has a part-time job and she is a single mother of Gabriel, 6-month old, and Louis, 2-year old. She does not have much help raising her sons and she is trying her best to sustain the boys and herself. Adèle did not have a lot of time to learn about and prepare healthy nutrition for her children.

It was a great relief when the pediatric nurse told her about the Malin program. The program helped Adèle to understand the nutritional needs and gave her tools to guarantee healthy nutrition for her sons.