• Inhabitants: 16,3 million
  • Annual income per capita: 3 670 USD
  • Almost 4 million people lacks access to safe drinking water, majority of them live in rural areas
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Oshun was created as an initiative from 3 French companies, including the Société du Canal de Provence, to address the issue of safe drinking water in the Sahel.

In Senegal, a big portion of the population is still facing challenges in accessing safe drinking water, including unequal access to potable water and sanitation services.

Oshun provides a small, easy-to-run and designed-in-house water treatment system that is installed in a kiosk, treating water from the nearby water drill. This kiosk is run by a local entrepreneur, usually female, who sells the water to local communities at an affordable price. They currently run 45 water kiosks equipped with a range of autonomous water treatments and plan to continue expanding in the Sahel.

2,7 million

liters of safe water sold in 2021


women employed + women direct investors through GIE


water kiosks


Kiosk Manager, Senegal

When I was just a girl, I was dreaming about being a “business woman”. I was raised by a small-scale farmer in the village far from the busy Dakar and I was lucky to be able to go to school and work towards achieving my dreams. When Oshun came to my village, searching for entrepreneurs to run water kiosks, I knew this is what I imagined as a dream job. I was happy knowing that my daughter and the rest of the girls would not have to walk the same path as me collecting water and I became an entrepreneur. Today I am a real business woman.”