Start small to realize the big picture

In an ever-expanding China, parents from poor rural communities leave their villages to go work in cities. Infants are often entrusted to their grandparents. That’s why the breastfeeding rate is very low and anemia (mostly iron deficit) affects 10 million kids, especially in rural areas among kids under 2. Mrs Chen and Pr Zhu, two researchers, decided to tackle this issue by selling the Ying Yang Bao – a milk-based fortified food supplement that is protein and micronutrients-enriched and can be sprinkled on rice, noodles or beverages.

After a successful pilot, YingYang Bao is now sold by the social business Nutrigo and sold in Eastern China. Encouraged by this solution, the Chinese government started to distribute it in the 300 poorest provinces and joins forces with Nutrigo to educate health workers.


A dose of YingYangBao provides 50% of a kid’s daily needs


In the rural province of Bengbu, where the product is sold, 10,000 babies benefit from it


By 2018, the goal is to reach 1,500 villages and 40,000 babies