When eating well becomes a means to fighting poverty

In France, around 160,000 babies are born in families living below the poverty threshold, that is one child out of five. These families face two issues : baby food is expensive and expert advice does not always take into account their material constraints. Precarious housing, broken families, and multiple jobs are all obstacles to adopting healthy eating practices. For a child, nutrition during the first 1,000 days is essential to future health. Only 23% underprivileged women breastfeed (against 62% compared to the overall population) and 70% amongst them stop breastfeeding after the first month ( vs 40% of the overall population).

Malin is a programme created in alliance with The Red Cross, Blédina, l’Association Française de Pédiatrie Ambulatoire (AFPA), la Société de Pédiatrie (SFP) and the Action tank Entreprise & Pauvreté. The programme offers tips and recipes so that families can provide adequate nutrition to their kids below the age of 3. They can also purchase Bledina products distributed in supermarkets like any other family, but with discount vouchers. A real boost and a great solution to ensure a better health.


Since 2012, almost 6,400 kids have been registered for the Malin programme in five pilot areas : Loire Atlantique, Savoie, Grenoble, Villefranche s/Saône and Paris.


The objective of the programme Malin is to serve 50% of the target population by 2020