Galen Welsch, President of Jibu, commented: “Half of all water projects in the developing world fail within two years primarily because there is a lack of ownership and proper incentives on the ground. Jibu is addressing the systemic roots of these issues by empowering local entrepreneurs to start their own safe drinking water franchises. What we are doing is decentralising water treatment plants and mitigating the need for piped drinking water.”
That is how Jibu has become a solution in 3 countries already, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, and plans on expanding further.
Jibu uses a 4-phase treatment process to provide fresh-tasting, safe and affordable water in jugs to increase people’s health in Eastern Africa, while giving local entrepreneurs the opportunity to start a meaningful business that generates a livelihood for them and their families, but also meets a real need in society.


More than 550 jobs created


195 businesses launched


More than 45 Million liters of safe water distributed