• Inhabitants: 127,6 million
  • Annual income per capita: 19 440 USD
  • In rural areas, thousands of isolated villages account for 5 million people who do not have access to water. (source)

Located in the centre of the country, Hidalgo is known because of its water scarcity. When EcoAlberto was born in 2011, the communities depended on small sources which most of the time were polluted and located far away from their homes.

The company EcoAlberto was created in this area to provide access to safe drinking water. Nowadays it has benefited more than 30,000 people in 78  indigenous communities. The water is delivered in big tanks to fill the smaller tanks of shops and schools, the meeting points where indigenous women sell this safe water to increase their income and promote healthy water and healthier hydration practices.


People with access to safe drinking water

3.257 million

of liters sold (2021)


Hidalgo, Mexico

I had to carry the water in buckets all the way to the community. It used to take me more than 3 hours a day, to go and bring back water home. It was a difficult and tiresome task, taking away a lot of my time.

Now I own a small shop where I sell Eco Alberto’s safe drinking water to my community. I’m happy to be able to help my community have easy access to safe drinking water. This also is empowering for women around me: now they don’t have to collect water anymore and they can work and earn a living.”