La Laiterie du Berger

Dolima: good for me, good for my country!

This slogan explains the uniqueness of la Laiterie du Berger (The Herder’s creamery). Not only does the creamery produce delicious products inspired by traditional recipes, they increase the supply of locally produced milk. The founder, Bagoré Bathily, took care of nomadic Fulani herders’ cows for several years in Northern Senegal, working as a vet. Since then, he trusts these herders to provide the milk Senegalese people need. This is impactful in a country where 90% of milk consumed is imported as powder. That’s why we say “Dolima,” which means “I want more” in wolof!


600 herder families living better by selling milk to La Laiterie du Berger


2 500L of fresh milk collected daily


4 200 beneficiaries