Grameen Danone Food Limited

A yoghurt that brings the strength of a lion!

In Bangladesh, one out of two kids suffers from malnutrition. In this situation, it’s very hard for them to develop to the best of their physical and mental potential. Eating well enables kids to grow, develop a good memory and maximize their learning at school, which prepares them for a bright future – for themselves and for their country. That’s why the Grameen Danone Foods team developed Shokti +, a yoghurt enriched in micro-nutrients (iron, zinc, vitamins) that gives kids strength like a lion.

Grameen Danone Foods is also a source of income for the inhabitants of surrounding villages: the small farmers sell their milk to the company and women with little resources earn an income by selling the yogurts door-to-door.


100,000 cups of yogurt sold daily


300,000 beneficiaries


475 farmers living better by selling their milk to Grameen Danone


250 women micro-entrepreneurs