Ovive, or a new impetus of life thanks to dloHaiti

In 2010 an earthquake further weakens Haiti’s fragile economic situation, now 22nd poorest country in the world. Because of a largely broken infrastructure, half the population lives without access to safe drinking water and 1 child out of five is dying from a waterborne disease. The population needs accessible water facilities, a reliable treatment process and a safe distribution system.
Since 2013, that is the services that the company Dlo Haïti provides through the Ovive water brand. While the majority of the water supply comes the capital, Ovive is produced in the village, in a small factory and is sold at an affordable price to the community. The water is also delivered to schools and hospitals. Progressively life is back.


60 000L of safe drinking water delivered every day


100 employees


Free water thanks to School program for 25 000 students at over 150 schools