1001 Fontaines

Sick of drinking water from the pond?

In rural Cambodia, the main sources of drinking water are rivers and ponds. But this water is unsuitable for consumption because it is contaminated by human activity. Pasteur already said a century ago that “we drink 90% of our diseases”! But 1001 Fontaines found a solution: create a virtuous cycle by building micro filtration plants.

In the village, water from the pond is filtered by a safe and easy-to-maintain plant. This responsibility is given to a village inhabitant who earns money with this activity. He bottles the water that has become safe for drinking to deliver it door-to-door at the most affordable price. Schools also benefit from this water for free every day and absenteism due to diseases has dropped drastically because of increased health!


400,000 beneficiaries


150 mini-factories in operation in Cambodia


Operations are being developed in Madagascar