We alleviate poverty

by improving health through access to nutrition and safe drinking water

Our mission

We believe inclusive businesses can help solve the world’s greatest social challenges. That’s why we want to alleviate malnutrition, make drinking water safe, and break the cycle of poverty where we operate. It’s an ambitious goal, and together with local experts and entrepreneurs around the globe, we’re bringing market based solutions to the communities that thrive for autonomy and development.

Our inspiraton

In 2006, Grameen joined together with Danone to create a company aimed at maximising social impact in Bangladesh. Focused primarily on bringing better health to malnourished children, the plant represented the world’s first corporate merger designed to create social good. This revolutionary idea was the brainchild of Nobel laureate Pr. M. Yunus and former Danone CEO Franck Riboud. Together, these two visionaries expanded their original social business to create an all-new business model.

We focus on two global challenges

“The human right to adequate food is of crucial importance for the enjoyment of all rights”

“Clean drinking water is essential to the realisation of all human rights”

We blend business and purpose



Antoine Riboud, CEO of Danone says : Corporate responsibility does not end at the factory gate or the office door. The jobs a business creates are central to the lives of employees, and the energy and raw materials we consume change the shape of our planet. It is clear that growth should no longer be an end in itself, but rather a tool used to serve the quality of life without ever being detrimental to it.
The dual commitment was born.



Franck Riboud, CEO and Pr Muhammad Yunus meet and decide to create the first social business resulting from a joint venture between a corporation and Grameen.



To continue the journey towards more social impact, Danone Communities investment fund is launched dedicated to innovative social entrepreneurs who want to achieve sustainable social impact in their own environment.



Emmanuel Faber unveils the Manifesto. The Manifesto belongs to every Danoner and reemphasizes the Danone Mission by supporting people to adopt healthier choices and lifestyles, and by caring about the health and wellness of Danone and Danoners, of our communities and our planet, of current and future generations.

Malnutrition and unsafe water are at the root of poverty.

We pursue social impact where it is most needed




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