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Welcome to the website of danone.communities


danone.communities is a "social businesses network".

Our mission is to fund and develop local businesses with a sustainable economic model, oriented towards social goals: reducing poverty and malnutrition. Alongside social entrepreneurs, this support goes through both investment via a SICAV general public but also by a technical support through a network of committed experts who convey their experiences.

Beyond its projects, we wish to share our lessons to inspire other individual and collective initiatives in the service of a more cohesive society.

We are now present in 6 countries. You can find these projects on our map below and in our projects space.

"Share social business learnings & challenges with experts"

May 15th we have celebrated danone.communities’ five years and we have dreamed to make this gathering a fruitful co-building day for social business.


We have decided to change the format of our annual gathering to make it more at the service of communities and projects. During the day, we have gathered 200 experts from 5 continents to work on different workshops around social business realities and way forward - we had a simple objective: share learnings and challenges between actors to enable more impact.


Today, the minutes of the workshops are online and shareable.

Other News

danone.communities is offering a 6-month to 1-year internship in community management, starting on December 15th 2013

on the Monday, 18 November, 2013 - 13:25

Find attached the details of the internship in community management for danone.communities!   1) Duration of the mission: 6-12 months Dec 15th 2013 - June 30th 2014 or Dec 15th 2013 - Dec 15th 2014 2) Location of the mission: Paris, France 3) Contact:

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Happy New Year 2013

on the Thursday, 10 January, 2013 - 16:03

Throughout 2012, the danone.communities blog has eagerly shared the latest developments in our own projects, news from the world of social business, and the ideas that make social business so compelling.   Here are just a few of the year’s highlights as mentioned on our blog:   At the beginning of the year, Fortune Magazine named Muhammad Yunus as one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time, alongside Apple’s Steve Jobs and Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin. [...]

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on the Thursday, 1 January, 1970 - 01:00

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on the Thursday, 1 January, 1970 - 01:00

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Honoured Member

Lo Chai Phnom-Penh, Cambodia Lo Chai is from a small village in northeastern Cambodia. His father cultivated a two-hectare rice field and his mother raises silkworms. [...] After [...]

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