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Nobel Laureate Pr. Muhammad Yunus has been named by Fortune magazine as one of the 12 Greatest Entrepreneurs of Our Time.

Fortune Magazine publishes many ranks each year. The one we are the most interested in today is “12 Greatest Entrepreneurs of Our Time”, which we are particularly proud of because it includes Professor Yunus, President of danone.communities board. Pr. Yunus is mentioned besides many over innovative persons like Steve Jobs from Apple, Larry Page and Sergey Brin from Google, Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook… The Top 12 includes 10 American people, an Indian one and Yunus, who is from Bangladesh, as many people know. All the ranked persons are presented through a little story, in an article named "From dreamers to doers" (read the story of Yunus here). A mantra to keep in mind ?


Before reading the reasons why Pr. Yunus has been chosen to be part of the rank.(source DailyStar), we just would like to let you know that Pr. YUnus will be with us in Paris, 15th May for our annual Global Communities Meeting Tour 2012. More details here.



This list published in the magazine's latest issue places Prof Yunus among the band of highly exclusive individuals, all of whom are known throughout the world for their innovation, vision and ability to get things done.


"His desire to do something to help the local citizens led to a simple but powerful gesture: Yunus loaned $27 to destitute basket weavers in a village next to his university's campus" the magazine says.


"He could not believe the excitement the small amount of money caused. For people living on pennies a day, just a few dollars could transform their lives -- and in many cases it did. The gift was used to support and expand these very small businesses, and that helped many overcome their poverty.


"Much to Yunus' surprise, the basket weavers actually paid off the loans -- and on time too. He then moved from one village to the next, finding all sorts of entrepreneurial projects to fund," Fortune says. While the bank could not eradicate poverty, it lifted many lives, the magazine adds.


"No less critical, Yunus' idea inspired countless numbers of young people to devote themselves to social causes all over the world." […]


The list was prepared considering economic and social impact, world changing vision of the entrepreneurs, ability of the entrepreneurs to inspire and motivate their employees, their record of innovation and their actual results, Yunus Centre said in a statement yesterday.




Prof Yunus was chosen by Wharton School of Business for PBS documentary, as one of the 25 Most Influential Business Persons of the Past 25 Years.


In 2006, Time magazine listed him under 60 Years of Asian Heroes as one of the top 12 business leaders.


In 2008, in an open online poll, Yunus was voted the second top most intellectual person in the world on the list of Top 100 Public Intellectuals by Prospect Magazine of the UK and Foreign Policy of the United States.


He was also voted second in Prospect Magazine's 2008 global poll of the world's Top 100 Intellectuals.


Your can read the full article here.

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