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danone.communities is offering a 6-month to 1-year internship in community management, starting on December 15th 2013

Find attached the details of the internship in community management for danone.communities!
1) Duration of the mission: 6-12 months
Dec 15th 2013 - June 30th 2014
or Dec 15th 2013 - Dec 15th 2014
2) Location of the mission: Paris, France
3) Contact:

Happy New Year 2013

Throughout 2012, the danone.communities blog has eagerly shared the latest developments in our own projects, news from the world of social business, and the ideas that make social business so compelling.


Here are just a few of the year’s highlights as mentioned on our blog:


At the beginning of the year, Fortune Magazine named Muhammad Yunus as one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time, alongside Apple’s Steve Jobs and Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Perhaps not by coincidence, it was Bangladeshi Nazia Zebin who won the project grant in our Social Business Youngsters competition on Facebook. A 24-years-old student, Nazia is committed to promoting access to culture for everyone in Bangladesh, including rural residents. In May, she traveled to Paris for the Global Communities Meeting, where she met experts from the social business community who had come to work together and imagine the solutions and initiatives of the future.  


Our midyear highlight is always June 28: Social Business Day, celebrating the people who practice social business around the world. Here in Paris, danone.communities held a conference to give them a voice and to continue our mission of raising awareness of social business.


An expert network to learn and share about social innovation.

During the 2012 edition of Global Communities Meeting in Paris, danone.communities has initiated a new meeting, before the conference with Pr. Yunus. This special meeting was called Experts Workshops Meeting.


Since its creation in 2007, danone.communities has been evolving in a partnership’s galaxy and has never walked alone. Indeed, Grameen Danone Foods Ltd, the 1rst project, originally started thanks to its partners: Grameen Bank. Without the Grameen Bank’s knowledge and expertise, Danone would have met much more difficulties to enter this new territory. Moreover, without the support of Care Bangladesh, it would have been much harder to settle up again the door-to-door sales network in 2008, after the milk crisis.


With years and with projects, the partners’ network got wider and today it gathers about 50 partners, for 10 projects. At danone.communities, we know that all these partners are experts of specific topics: micro-distribution, finance, social impact…


While designing the Global Communities Meeting 2012, the danone.communities team has decided to gather more experts in the same place to make emerge learnings and knowledge to share and spread good practices or things to avoid for a social business project.


The Global Social Business Summit 2012 in Vienna : the new Pecha Kucha format

Now you all know the Global Social Business Summit 2012, it’s time to enter its program and to focus on a presentation format that was not used last year. This new format is Pecha Kucha, from the sound of the Japanese term “chit chat”.


Pecha Kucha was born in 2003 in Tokyo, Japan when young designers and architects organized events to share their projects, the Pecha Kucha Nights. As they were too much talkative (like anybody dealing with a Power Point presentation), they defined a very sharp format: 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The presentation last almost 7 minutes and is mostly made of images and people just have to talk along the images.


Global Social Business Summit has inserted this format into its 3 days meetings with international experts. It promises beautiful speeches and very fun and interactive moments.


More information here


Two Pecha Kucha presentations.



Global Social Business Summit 2012: the program!

The Global Social Business Summit is an international event that gathers more than 600 persons to share and celebrate social business. And for the 4th time, social business will be celebrated in Vienna, Austria, in November 7th-10th.


The international context of the event is a great opportunity for all innovation and social business actors to meet and share about their projects. Each year, many speakers, on stage, and participants during the workshops can go further into the main topics of social business: finance, social impact, micro-distribution, companies initiatives, local communities, empowerment…


The program of this 4th edition may delight its attendees, with 4 days of speeches and workshops. Danone.communities will be there to animate workshops and tell you more about its projects !


Find it out just here!


Below, the video review of GSBS 2011.


Micro-distribution, a major lever for social businesses

This article was orginally published on down To Earth's blog.


Many of the projects supported by danone.communities and the Ecosystem Fund develop a micro-distribution approach. What exactly does it bring to social businesses, and how does it nourish business innovation in both the developed and developing markets?





Micro-distribution is a great opportunity for social businesses, since it both helps underprivileged populations on the path to employment and empowerment, and provides healthy food to a greater number of people. But it also has many challenges to face to reach a larger scale and become truly profitable and replicable. Which leaves a lot of room for innovation and creativity.





Happy birthday to the blog of danone.communities !

Dear friends, some of you are newcomers among our readers, while others follow us, since the opening of this blog, September 23rd, 2008.

During our meeting Global Meeting Communities Tour in Paris in May 2012, we all gathered to celebrate a birthday, blowing the 5th candle of danone.communities, surrounded by all its partners and friends.

Please be kind, rewind!

In 2006 (and do not tell me you do not already know the story), Prof. Yunus and Franck Riboud met and decided to gather the skills of their respective companies: Danone and Grameen Trust. The following year, the small factory in Bogra was born and Grameen Danone Foods Ltd.. was already learning to walk…

Since 5 years, 10 projects are followed and accompanied by danone.communities on 4 continents. Areas of work are emerging in nutrition, access to water and social business in developed countries.

But danone.communities is not only projects: it is also a community that has been being built every year to promote social business and create interest around this business model that makes the promise of a better world.

The community of danone.communities has firstly gathered on this blog. To celebrate four years of stories! I suggest you to read again the most read article for each year since 2008. Let's start with the first!


Please read it here (in French).

Global Social Business Summit 2012: apply for the Young Challengers Meeting !

The Global Social Business Summit is an international event that gathers more than 600 persons to share and celebrate social business. And for the 4th time, social business will be celebrated in Vienna, Austria, in November 7th-9th.


The day before GSBS “really” starts, Young Challengers meet during one day to brainstorm and discuss about social business.


Who are Young Challengers? They are young people under 25, from all around the world. They are all engaged for social business, through their education or through a social business project to launch or already on track.


The international atmosphere and the engagement of each participant create a very good context to identify the new challenges for social business. Indeed, the role of Young Challengers in the Global Social Business Summit is to challenge politic leaders and CEOs about their own commitment for social business. During a very interesting session (usually the 2nd day), Young Challengers are on stage to question those people about their actions and engagement.


Young Challengers are selected though a little selection process. The good news is that you still have time to apply. The only condition is to be under 25. For more details, please visit the GSBS 2012 Website.


Oh, one more word, Young Challengers will personally meet Pr. Yunus…


It’s time to apply!


Maria Nowak: “Micro-credit can be applied everywhere”

Maria Nowak is very inspiring French woman. At danone.communities, we are lucky because she is a member of our board. Moreover, her association ADIE (Association pour le Droit à l’Initiative Economique) is a partner of the project Isomir. The blog DownToEarth met her.


Maria Nowak is the major advocate for the development of micro-credit in France and at European level, with her association Adie. She is an economist who believes that the future of our economy lies with entrepreneurial freedom, which she struggles to make accessible to all.





“Achieving the Millennium Development Goals through Social Business”: an essay of a final year student…

Md. Jannatul Habib is not a student like any student. First, he is the final year student of the Department of International Relations of Jahangirnagar University in Dhaka, in Bangladesh. Then, he won the 2011 Yunus Centre Social Business Essay Competition, a yearly competition that rewards a student who studies social business.


In April 2012, the Journal of Social Business has published the essay of Md. Jannatul Habib. Today, with his permission, we publish it online and we are happy to share this very good essay about social business.


Enjoy it!



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